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Born from a concept  by Alessandra Vanni, Desert fish opened in January 2019. Located in the heart of the Navigli of Milan, she created this space in a period building on the historical street Vicolo dei Lavandai .

Joining her on this venture is jeweler design Elisabetta Nava. 

Alessandra has 30 years experience in the fashion industry covering various fields in fashion . Including showroom and stylist for commercials and advertising.

In the 90 ‘s Alessandra opened her first boutique Les Coco. This space know best for Alessandra’s fashion forward choices in clothing and accessories was located in Brera , another historical area of Milan. While living abroad she created her own clothing line named Just A Dress , still available exclusively at Desert Fish.

Elisabetta has always been esthetically explorative in her approach towards fashion and design. She satisfied her curiosity through studies of the evolution of fashion, objects  and shapes.


With this knowledge she opened a restoration studio but eventually her passion for design lead her into the world of jewelry. Representative of Elisabetta’s artistic nature and inspired by various influences her jewelry designs are unique and diverse . Her creations can be purchased in store or online.

From the meeting of these two creative minds the birth of something special was inevitable. Desert Fish is not a space limited to the curated selection of clothing  and accessories from national and international brands but also a place that hosts themed events incorporating art, design, and of course fashion.

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